Ivana Srbljan

Henry Purcell

The director Mirva Koivukangas announces, “Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell and the librettist Nahum Tate is a Baroque opera recounting the unhappy love of Queen Dido and Prince Aeneas. Originally, the plot is set in the King’s palace in Carthage, however, in this direction, I’d like to leave the location open. Rather than in the physical space, I’m interested in the landscapes of the mind, especially as their interference influences the man’s experience of reality. In which point is it, on the border between truth and imagination, that they mingle and disappear, when is it that phantasy takes place of the truth in the man’s mind? For me this is the story of Dido’s nightmare situation where gods and witches can be both her relatives and characters from imagination, where the perception of the present and the past is left to the public to resolve.”