Mila Čuljak

Mila Čuljak

Co-production of the OOUR Co-authors initiative art organisation and the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc
Director and choreographer:
Music author:
Adam Semijalac
Costume and set design:
Mejra Mujičić
Lighting design:
Stage manager:
Karlo Čargonja / Dobriša Radovanović

Premiere: 17 May 2018

Down, by Law is a monodrama written as the impression of the period from the birth of the child Boris until the time this piece was written. The struggle with wishes, expectations, operations and illnesses, implanted in the surplus of the chromosome 21, also created a specific parenthood that the author wrote into a new code – the performing code of collectiveness. The monodrama author, Mila Čuljak, who is Boris’ mother, aspired to strengthening of the daily life that brought the intensity of emotional, organizational, care providing and social balancing. Wishing this story, as well as Boris, to contribute to the understanding and support to the community of people with Down syndrome, she looked for a body to write her experience out, weave and dance it.

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