CNT Ivan pl. Zajc Ballet ensemble

Zajc Dance Lab for 40+ dancers
Video, photo documentation, costumes, set, design:
Co-authors and performers:
Ballet masters:
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Premiere: 18 Nov 2017

Research ballet Any Which Way deals with the institutional position of ballet dancers in CNT I. pl. Zajc who have been performing on its stage for more than twenty years. Choreographer Vigur Gurdu, dramaturge Nina Gojić and new media artist Marko Gutić Mižimakov are working with the idea that the experienced dancing body represents an unofficial archive and parallel memory of the institution, both of which can be activated by looking into the existing documentary material and found state of the institution. The institution is observed as a whole, taking into consideration its architectural limitations, symbolic capital, social function and inner organization based on repetition of patterns of behavior, principles of production and formal organization of labour. Such a comprehensive approach shapes conditions for a choreography which combines the ballet dancers’ knowledge with contemporary performing forms, in order to show how dancing experience can be rendered as a cultural value per se. We are trying to articulate all this in movement and through movement, always leaving space for experiment, play, chance…

Any which way, there will be dance. Mature dance.