Premiere MACBETH Verdi-Shakespeare Trilogy
Giuseppe Verdi

Lighting design:
Costume design:
Set designers:
Irene Belingheri / Rosa Casciello / Andrea Ceriani / Silvia Fonti / Riccardo Mainetti / Francesca Moioli / Maddalena Moretti / Eleonora Nardo / Caterina Pomante / Giorgia Ruzzante / mentor: Edoardo Sanchi
Video design:
Chorus master:
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Assistant dramaturge-director:
Stage managers:

Premiere: 14 April 2018

Three of Verdi’s operas, the two last ones, Otello and Falstaff, and Macbeth from the early phase (revised later) are not intentionally connected to be a trilogy, neither are they by their theme. However, at least one connection is so significant for them that it is worth staging and performing them in a sequence, exploring also what else they have in common besides the pattern for their librettos. Apart from William Shakespeare, his tragedies Macbeth and Othello, the comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor and scenes from the historic drama in two part Henry IV, the Rijeka Opera accepts the challenge avoided by many of the incomparably much more powerful opera houses regarding the production, namely, in one season, and moreover, in the period of three weeks, to perform all of the three Verdi’s operas created after Shakespeare’s plays, namely, to stage the premiere of Macbeth, the revival of Otello and the premiere of Falstaff. All the three operas will be connected by another challenge, the one by Giorgio Surian to appear in leading roles of all the three operas, that is, for the first time as Macbeth, then as Iago, the role in which he was brilliant in Otello the last season, also as a superb Falstaff, having won the stages throughout Europe with this role. Alongside Giorgio Surian, the Verdi – Shakespeare Trilogy will feature the Rijeka Opera team led by Kristina Kolar, Anamarija Knego, Ivana Srbljan, Vanja Zelčić, Robert Kolar, Slavko Sekulić, Marko Fortunato, as well as unavoidable guests as Luis Chapa and Aljaž Farasin. Three conductors will conduct the trilogy, namely, Marco Boemi (Macbeth), Zoran Juranić (Otello) and Ville Matvejeff (Falstaff).