Branislav Nušić


5th June 2020

Project devoted to the national lead actress Olivera Baljak, who is celebrating forty years of artistic work at the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc with this production.

With Madame Minister, cult work of the Serbian comediographer Branislav Nušić, we will be celebrating the 40 years of work of the national lead actress Olivera Baljak, who will delight you in the role of Živka Popović. Madame Minister had her last premiere at the Rijeka Theatre almost sixty years ago. This story of a politician’s wife who quickly had to acquire the behaviour patterns and “high society” way of life when her husband had become a government minister, has almost become a synonym for climbing the social ladder fast. Likewise, the name of Branislav Nušić has become a synonym for laughter in the theatre, as well as for the impeccable dissection of the provincial mentality mixed with the Balkan charm and the richness of language describing the comic elements of our lives.