6 October 2020

“To single out and qualify individual musicians would be quite unfair to the excellent ensemble as a whole. Suffice it to say that the main memory the average concert visitor will take with them is the complete pleasure in all the musicians making music, to which the audience cannot remain immune,” writes Helena Novak Penga of the Acoustic Project Ensemble for the portal

With the chamber concert “Acoustic Project: Folklore Fusion” on Sunday, October 11, we launch a series of chamber concerts within the new 2020/2021 theatre season. The Acoustic Project Ensemble is a unique phenomenon on the Croatian music scene. Their music combines classical music with a wide range of other musical styles such as jazz, tango, rock, Asian music, etc., lending them a clearly recognizable sound.

The “Folklore Fusion” Project is inspired by the richness of the folk tradition of this region, outlining our roots through the prism of the present. These are new original compositions inspired by Croatian folklore, of interest to both domestic and foreign audiences. The project presents the value of a cultural product as a true representation of the identity of a nation and its culture.

Don’t miss the chamber concert “Acoustic Project: Folklore Fusion,” on Sunday, October 11 at 7 PM.


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