19 May 2022

Dear young opera singers, thank you to all who have expressed an interest in the Fourth International “Zinka Milanov” Competition, which will be held in July this year. We look forward to seeing you at our Theatre in Rijeka! If you still haven’t signed up, we have good news – we have extended the deadline through Friday, May 20, 2022. Don’t miss this last chance! Come and present yourself to the international jury and Rijeka audience at the competition dedicated to one of the greatest sopranos of the twentieth century, Zinka Milanov!

The legendary Zinka Kunc or Zinka Milanov is and has always been an inspiration to opera singers around the world. “Zinka Milanov – one of the most beautiful voices of her time!!! With her enormous artistic and stage presence on the highest level, she was and is not only cherished but also remains forever an absolute inspiration for my and all upcoming generations of singers and artists! With love, deep admiration and great respect”, said the magnificent Anna Tomowa-Sintow. The famous Dunja Vejzović had the following to say about Zinka: “We have great singing stars, but to me, the name Zinka Kunc holds an undeniable greatness. In first place is, of course, the fetishism for the beautiful tone that kept us singers enchanted, especially in our beginnings, and did not leave us. I am convinced that many felt that way and that it was a great encouragement to many. It is a great thing that the Rijeka Opera created this international competition and paid tribute to this great singer by giving it her name.”