Belén Parra

In this season

Lives and works in Buenos Aires. She entered the field of visual arts through design: she is a fashion designer (School of architecture, design and urbanism, University of Buenos Aires) and art director (Sala Alberdi, CCSM). She trained as a jeweler in the workshops of Rita Hampton and Jimena Ríos and took part of the art workshops of Laura Códega, Malena Pizani and Diana Aisenberg. The collaborations that since 2013 she has carried out as a costume designer with directors of theater and dance led her to investigate collective creation and the inseparable link between the human body, the object body and space.

In the field of performing arts, he has worked alongside the directors Emilio García Wehbi, Maricel Alvarez, Leticia Mazur, Marina Sarmiento, Juan Onofri Barbato y Amparo Gonzalez Solá, La Mujer Mutante, Vico Roland, Rakhal Herrero, Juan Parodi, KM.29, Grupo 124, Nahuel Cano, Luciano Delprato, Andres Molina, Alina Folini, Nayla Pose, Amalia Tercelán, Damiana Poggi, Marcelo Delgado y Adriana Viñals. Since 2018 she has been part of the La Cuerda Collective, along with Mariana Roveda, Cecilia Blanco and Florencia Bergallo, with whom she experiments in performance and audiovisual format. Fall right through the earth, the group’s first work, was presented in November 2021 at the Sala Imán of Fundación Cazadores within the Impulso Cazadores program and participated in the 2021 Performance Biennial in the City of Buenos Aires (BP21).