Concerto dei venti

The ensemble’s core are the wind instruments cornetts and baroque trombones, which are perfectly harmonizing with the human voice – due to to text interpretation fundamentally important for the music of 16th and 17th century. Their repertoire draws upon music of the Renaissance and Early Baroque with reference to and acknowledgement of the most important treatises in Europe.

The instrumentalist of concerto dei venti have been regularly playing together in many occasions for years, and have been characterizing many productions with their significant and stylistically homogeneous sound and interpretation. Common background of all members of concerto dei venti is the Hochschule of Arts, Bremen.

Initial ignition for founding concerto dei venti was the recording of works of Tomaso Cecchino in cooperation with the croatian radio choir under direction of Tomislav Facini late 2019.

Each programme in concerto dei venti’s repertoire is comprehensively and carefully researched. Of course he ensemble creates and tailors programmes for particular themes or collaborations.