Farah vаn Bulck

In this season

Born in Antwerp, Belgium in 2004, Farah was accepted at the age of 11 at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp then under the guidance of Nadia Deferm. At KBA she had the opportunity to develop a strong classical ballet base with teachers such as Curtis Foley, Geneviève Van Quaquebeke, Aki Saito, Kimmy Lauwens and Bart de Block. In addition, Farah studied various techniques of modern and contemporary dance with, among others, Min Hee Bervoets, choreographer Mauro de Candia and Anna Hop. Besides her education at the KBA, Farah has been taking international dance courses since she was 10 to strengthen her basic techniques and learn new repertoires with teachers such as Samantha Allen Bancillon, Julien Bancillion, Willried Jacobs, Alain Honorez and Althea Nunez, Graig Davidson and Virginia Hendricksen. In 2018 she had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Intensive at The Royal Ballet School London and in 2019 in the Endanca internship in Valencia with teachers such as Wim Broeckx, Anna Tsygankova, Irina Zadiolova and repertoires by Carlos Lazaro (choreography of Goyo Montero), Irina Zavialova (Coppelia) and Stefan Zeromski (choreography of Jiri Kilian). In 2019 and 2020, Farah had the opportunity to participate in workshops at the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) in The Hague. Here she learned from Gregory Lau the repertoire Paul and Sol and from Luca Tessarini a choreography created by Jiri Kilian. In 2021 she participated in the Masterclasses in Croatia, where she was taught by Masa Kolar, Aleksandr Lukjanov, Edina Plicanic, Pavla Pecusak and Sven Copony. In 2022, the year she completed her training in Belgium at KBA, she attended workshops with Veronique Jean where she studied Bigonzetti.