Irina Köteles

Ballet pedagogue

After graduating from the „Octavian Stroia“ ballet school in the rumanian city of Cluj-Napoca, Irina had joined the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca in Rijeka. She has danced in all the classical and modern ballets, with some of her most successful roles being: Ingrid in „Peer Gynt“ choreographed by Slavko Pervan, Leni in „The Process“ and Girl / Fiancee in „The Fiancee’s Dream“ – both works choreographed by Staša Zurovac, and Helena in „Midsummer Night’s Dream“ choreographed by Leo Mujić.

For the CNT Ivana pl. Zajca, Irina had choreograped the closure of the Rijeka Summer Nights 2009 held at Kantrida Swimming Pools. Furthermore, she choreographed one of the pieces presented within the show „Blue Butterfly“, stemming from the choreographic workshops for the dancers at HNK Zajc, and directed by Staša Zurovac. She also choreographed children’s numbers in the 1st Act of Ronald Savković’ „Nutcracker“. Since 2019 Irina is the ballet pedagogue at the dance studio of the Youth Theatre Kamov (affiliated to the HNK Ivana pl. Zajca).