After finishing the School for Classical Ballet in Zagreb, Ksenija contiuned to upgrade her technique at the Academy of Russian Ballet „A.J. Vaganova“ in St. Petersburg. From 2004. to 2014. Ksenija wokred as a dancer at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, and in 2016. she joined the Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca in Rijeka. In these two institutions she has collaborated with choreographers like Edward Clug, Leo Mujić, Vasco Wellenkamp, Derek Dean, Nacho Duato, Hans van Manen, Milko Šparemblek, Pascal Touzeau, Mauro Bigonzettijem, Giuseppeom Spotom, Martinom Chaixom, Andonis Foniadakis etc. Ksenija has also participated in projects produced by Croatian independent dance scene, such „Memory of Water” and „Merry Christmas for Naughty Kids” by Maša Kolar.

Ksenija was thrice nominated for the Croatian Theatre Award for the best female dancer in shows: „Reasons 4“ by Edward Clug, „Fado“ by Hugo Viera and „Silence of my noise“ by Leo Mujić. In 2019. she was among the nominees for the Croatian Theatre Award for most outstanding artistic accomplishment (as Lady Macbeth) in the ballet „Macbeth“ by Maša Kolar.

From 2009. Ksenija has been creating her own choreographies including „Female Touch“ and „Requiem“ for Choreolab at the CNT in Zagreb, „Forbidden“ in partnership with Benjamín Durán at the Staatstheater Mainz. Her piece „One Crazy Night“ was perfomed by the ballet of the CNT in Zagreb as a part of the ballet evening titled „Female manuscript“.