Marta Kanazir Bagadur


After completing elementary ballet training at the ballet studio of the Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca in her native Rijeka, Marta undertook additional studies at the Scoula di Milano under the direction of Federico Olivieri. During her years in vocational training, Marta won: 1st place in the European Open (category classical solo) in Klagenfurtu in 2001.; 2nd place (from 2.000 competitors) in the 1. International Competition “Talenti in Palcoscenico” Mesagne (Brindissi) in 2003.; and 3rd place at the International Ballet Competition Mia Čorak Slavenska in Zagreb in 2007.She has aslo successfully completed ballet syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance (Intermediate level) which was then under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 2009. Marta has been employed by the Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka. During the 2010. she was polishing her artistry under the guidance of Ana Prest in Dresden, with a special focus on the William Forsythe technique. Marta has collaborated with choreographers such as Patrick Delcroix, Ilja Louwen, Alessandra Pasquali, Vladimir Malakhov,, Ronaldo Savkovic, Mauro Bigonzetti, Vasily Medved, Giovanni di Palma, Martin Chaix, Mauro de Candia, Giusseppe Spota, Andonis Foniadakis, Douglas Lee, Irena Pasarić, Leo Mujić, Dinko Bogdanić, Staša Zurovca, Maša Kolar, Raza Hammadi and others.

Among her best accomplished roles so far are: Clara/Sugar Plum Fairy in „Nutcracker“ by Ronald Savković ; Seherezade in „Seherezade“ ballet, Titania in „Midsummer night’s dream“, Sorokina in „ Ana Karenina“, Fanike Canjeg in „Messrs. Glembay“ – all by choreographer Leo Mujić; solo in „Rossini cards“ by Mauro Bigonzetti; Marie in „Nutcracker“ by Mauro de Candia; Leto – Apollo’s mother in „Apollo“ by Martin Chaix. As Sorokina in Mujić’ „Ana Karenina“, Marta performed with the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, in their guest performance at the Alexandrinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. She also participated in the guesting performance of Mujić’ „Quartet from Alexandria“ in Hungary.

In 2015. Marta became the principal dancer at the CNT Ivana pl. Zajca. She also received the „Olga Orlova“ Audience Award for the best female role of Seherezade in the ballet by Leo Mujić. She was three times Croatian Theatre Awards nominee, winning it in 2017 for the role of Titania (in the ballet „Midsummer night’s dream˝ choreographed by Leo Mujić), which had been judged as the best achievement among the young artists up to 28 years of age.