Renata Carola Gatica

Renata Carola Gatica studied in the theatre department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the National University of Cordoba. She is the founder of the theatre company “La Piaf,” where she worked for ten years as a director, with around fifteen directed productions and numerous guest performances in festivals throughout Latin America. With this company, she launched the cultural center “Sala K,” where she worked as artistic director for three years, also teaching theatre arts to children, teenagers and adults. In 2006, she received the award for Best Young Theatre Director from the City of Cordoba. She has been living and working in Zagreb since 2007, most often collaborating with Teatro & TD (“Argentina,” “Extravagancija,” “Šarengrad,” “Čuj, Hamlete, čuj”), the Trešnja Children’s Theatre (“Pipi Longstockings”), the Dubrava Children’s Theatre (“Mala djeca, veliki ljudi”), the Zagreb Youth Theatre (“#radninaslovantigona,” “Alice in Wonderland”), the Pinkleci Theatre Group (“Pola, pola,” “Superjunaci”), the City Puppet Theatre in Split (“Som na cilome svitu”), and the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka (“Dugonja, Trbonja i Vidonja”). She is especially distinguished for her work in the theatre for children and youth. Since 2014, she has been working at the Poco Loco Theatre, an independent theatre in which she uniquely researches the possibilities of telling stories to the youngest children. She has won several theatre awards for her work, including the Best Director Award at the Gavella Evenings for the play #radninaslovantigona (“working title of Antigone”) (Zagreb Youth Theatre), and the Best Director Award at the Naj, Naj festival for the play Alice in Wonderland (Zagreb Youth Theatre).