Svebor Zgurić

In this season

Svebor graduated from the School for Classical Ballet and Folk Dances in his native Zagreb. Thereupon he was signed as a dancer by the Croatian National Theatre in Split, and one year later joined the ballet ensemble of the Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca in Rijeka. During the season 2012/13 he was also a guest artist at the Serbian National Theatre in Belgrade production of the ballet „Alexandar“ choreographed by Ronald Savković. With the rest of the „Alexandar“ cast, Svebor performed at a major dance festival in Mexico.

In Rijeka’s theatre, Svebor danced in ballets such as:„Soul mirror“ by Patrick Delcroix; „Carmina Burana“ and „Mozart Effect“ by Hugo Vierea; „Nutcracker“ by Ronald Savković; „Sex“ by Balasz Baranyai; „Scheherazade“ and „Midsummer nights dream“ by Leo Mujić; „The Process“, „Romeo & Juliet“ and „Swan Lake“ by Staša Zurovac; „Serenade“ & „Allegro“ by Igor Kirov and Maša Kolar, „Rossini Cards“ Mauro Biognzetti“, „4 Boleros“ by Kristian Lever and Maša Kolar, „Hero is tired by“ Giuseppe Spota, „Pulcinella“ & „Apollo“ by Giovanni di Palma and Martin Chaix; „Nutcracker“ by Maura de Candia, „Burning water“ by Andonis Foniadakis, „Odyssey“ by Walter Matteini. Alongside his dancing career, Svebor has also completed the Rock Academy in Zagreb and is working as a music producer, D.J. and sound designer.

Svebor has received four annual Audience Awards for the best male roles in ballets: „Olga Orlova“ for roles premiered during the seasons 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13, as well as „Joža Komljenović“ award for the season 2014/15.