Tilman Patzak

In this season

Tilman began his education at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich, under the leadership of Konstanz Vernon. After graduation he joined the National Youth Ballet in Hamburg, where he collaborated with John Neumeier, Kevin Haigen, Natáli Horečn and numerous other choreographers. There he was also intensely involved with his colleagues in each stage of creating a new ballet productions. Artistic efforts of his generation culminated in the piece called „Dumbarton Oaks”, the quality of which was so high that it got performed at the famous ballet event – Nijinsky Gala in 2017.

At the age of 21, he joined the Tivoli Ballet Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark and one year later moved to Rijeka’s Croatian National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajca. There he has been performing mostly leading roles in Mauro de Candia’s „Nutcracker“, Giusppe Spota’s „Hero is tired“, Maša Kolar’s „Lace“ and „Macbeth“, Giovanni di Palma’s „Pulcinella“, Andonis Foniadakis’ „Burning water“ etc. Tilman won the Audience Award „Joža Komljenović“ for the best male ballet role of Nutcracker as well as for the outstanding artistic achievements in Kolar’s „Lace“ and Foniadakis’ „Burning water“ all premiered in the season 2019/2020.