31 January 2020

The Rijeka Theatre is buzzing with anticipation both inside and out as the countdown reaches its end – the opening ceremony is finally here!

Preparations for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture are wrapping up, anticipation is high, and there is no lack of excitement surrounding the big event tomorrow for our Theatre and for our city. Tomorrow Rijeka becomes the European Capital of Culture!

The formal opening ceremony will take place on February 1, 2020, beginning at 5 PM. The program features musical and stage performances, as well as keynote speeches which will be attended by prominent guests from Europe and Croatia. You can watch the opening broadcast live on HRT. We invite you to the Rijeka Theatre to experience the rich Rijeka 2020 – ECoC program in “Zajc” and to participate in the exceptional array of new programs in the upcoming theatre year!





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