23 November 2017

Yordan Kamdzhalov and the Rijeka Opera Orchestra did seem to have taken the audience into the space of Bruckner’s Romantic!
The audience could hardly withhold the applause of enthusiasm between movements, however, the ecstasy was irresistible before the very end, while in the last measures of the finale the orchestra stood up and played. Roaring shouts of “bravo!” burst forth from the auditorium after the last note, a loud applause of excitement and fulfilment.
Maestro Kamdzhalov, without the score as usual, conducted Bruckner’s The Fourth exceptionally, rendering a truly unforgettable experience and taking both the orchestra and the audience of the Rijeka theatre into some new dimensions.
We recorded a few comments of the delighted audience:
“Bruckner’s The Fourth does not leave space for rest and relaxation; it literally took our breath away”;
“Dramatic, expressive, bombastic!”;
“Beautifully performed Bruckner’s inventive symphony. Emotive!”;
“I have experienced Bruckner for the first time. I’m deeply moved, to tears, while it is the first time in my life that I have seen a conductor conducting without a score, which is quite exceptional and admiring”;
“So demanding yet performed brilliantly! Those pianissimos were unbelievable; hearing great fortissimo we know it is not especially hard, but when so many string players render such pianissimos… Enchanting! My hat is off to the conductor!”;
“What a power of music! It opens hearts and souls. Thank you, Maestro. Those who weren’t present cannot understand it.”;
“As if listening to the most beautiful music that man has ever been able to write. The hardest thing to bear after such a concert is that it will never be repeated again. A unique experience in every sense”;
“ What a bold conductor! I feel that all members of the orchestra have really enjoyed the performance tonight”;
“Heavenly. I cannot compare the experience of this concert to anything in my life so far”.

We can all look forward to the New Year’s concerts, From Minuet and Waltz to Bolero, also under the baton of Maestro Yordan Kamdzhalov, on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th December of 2017.

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