19 March 2020

Dear audience,

Due to the measures currently in place, please be informed that we are closing the CNT Ivan Zajc box office. We can still be reached by phone (091-155 5163) and email: (Mon–Sat, 9 AM–1 PM). When regular work is allowed to resume, we will continue to refund the tickets for cancelled shows for which the alternate dates do not suit you.

At the same time, we wish to announce that we have prepared a revised program and hope to resume normal operation of the theatre beginning on May 2nd, if conditions allow. For most delayed performances, alternate dates have been scheduled in May, June and July. The new schedule is available on our official website, and all information can be obtained from the box office through the previously mentioned contacts.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we remind you that as of today, you can follow our online program “Zajc With You” on the theatre’s official Facebook page and other social networks (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter). This daily program includes Selfie Poetry at 8 AM, opera arias at noon, actors telling bedtime stories for children at 8 PM, and finally a short dance video at 10 PM.