29 July 2020

The new version of the baroque opera, Julius Caesar in Egypt – Anew, directed and dramatized by Marin Blažević and conducted by Ville Matvjeff brings you a journey you will never forget! This Friday, the Rijeka Opera will take you all the way to Egypt!

Händel’s most popular opera, which depicts a famous historical event and premiered almost 300 years ago, delighted the Rijeka audience with its first performance on our stage in 2016.

We have decided not only to renew the opera but also to direct it afresh!

Awaiting you are the fate and love of the great Roman emperor Julius Caesar and the enchanting Cleopatra, the political games and love plots performed by a brilliant soloist division. The arias and duets of Caesar and Cleopatra are rightly considered to be among the most challenging in the world opera repertoire, and will be performed by honorary member of the opera ensemble Diana Haller as the Roman emperor, and Theatre principal Anamarija Knego as the ravishing Egyptian queen. Along with our opera ensemble, you will have the opportunity to see and hear Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, Sonja Runje and Michaela Selinger.

Come and experience the spectacle as it gradually unfolds before your eyes, with a number of comical situations of absurdity showing its extremity.

Hurry to purchase your tickets and take a break from the summer heat in our air-conditioned de luxe auditorium!


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