6 February 2021

Curious audiences, lovers of Verdi, opera and theater watched Verdi’s La traviata at its open dress rehearsal. It was important for us to feel the impulses of our first viewers and to hear their impressions:

“I have to admit that I feel privileged in a way to be here tonight, among the first and among the ‘insiders’ who are still polishing their already brilliant work. What first comes to my mind: this is an extremely intimate and—something wonderful and unusual to find to such an extent—choreographed opera! The first-rate soloists give us their all, but truly all of themselves, because they also sing phenomenally and perform choreographed movements while presenting such emotion… and we only see the three of them! In fact, we don’t need anything else. The whole story is right in front of us, in everything that is symbolized by chairs and partitions and walls that are transparent but are also there, and people’s whose attitudes, at least here, fortunately, have been caught in the dust.”

“This creative team really knows how to adapt to any situation, to be contemporary, to cultivate those true values, to emphasize what’s important, to offer new understandings of works and characters that we thought we already knew and that we have all seen. We are thrilled! A very interesting experience.”

“We know what Anamarija Knego can do, but she has surpassed herself in this role. And with such incredible ease! We were very impatient to see her as Violetta and it’s hard to say anything without understating what she projects from the stage…because she’s just great. And they remained at a high level throughout – the orchestra was excellent, the direction and choreography were great, the accents in the set and costume design, the lighting, the contrasts…”

The premiere of the opera La traviata is on Monday, February 8, with a reprise performance on Saturday, February 13.


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