22 December 2020

The Rijeka Symphony Orchestra will perform its traditional New Year’s concerts for the Rijeka audience on December 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31, with the Children’s New Year’s Concert at noon on the final day. However, this series of popular concerts will begin in Pula, with a guest appearance at the Istrian National Theatre on Friday, December 18.

This year’s concert, entitled “Dances for Your Soul,” is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of the musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven. The program of the second part of the concert will include one of the composer’s most popular works ­– the Seventh Symphony. “The apotheosis of dance: dance in the most sublime sense, the most sublime act of bodily movement incorporated into an ideal tonal form,” were Wagner’s words about this symphony. The program will, of course, include favorite and indispensable works by other composers, such as The Blue Danube and Thunder and Lightning by Strauss, Slavonic Dance no. 2 by Dvořák and Mozartiana by Tchaikovsky.

Our house conductor, the young maestro and rising favorite of the Rijeka audience Valentin Egel, will lead you into the new year alongside the musicians of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra.

Come dance with us along with the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra!



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