4 July 2020

The play “Oedipus the King”, adapted and directed by Luciano Delprato from Argentina and created in collaboration with Croatian Drama and the City Puppet Theatre of Rijeka, is the first event to take place in the new ExportDrvo space. Through acting zeal, amazing puppetry and the brilliant acting skills of a well-coordinated team, this humorous show breaks down all kinds of prejudices and opens new worlds in which a classic like Sophocles’s “Oedipus the King” is a show enjoyed by young and old without exception. How much and why, we heard from the premiere audience:

“Unusual, intelligent, imaginative directing and a combination of various media. The actors are fabulous! They are a brilliant team, synchronized and rehearsed, radiating wonderful shared energy. They support each other. The acting, the diction, the expression, the acting details…it’s great, I can’t single out anyone or anything because it’s all at such a high level. The construction of the puppets is ingenious. Original. Because of the excellent animation of the puppets, the characters’ emotions are clearly and vividly recognizable.”

“I really didn’t expect to laugh so much at a tragedy. Top-notch performance! I am completely intoxicated by what I have just experienced and I can’t stop smiling.”

“This play presents a Greek tragedy in a completely unexpected way. I had fun, and they amazed me… It’s a fascinating combination of masterful puppetry, constant acting and equal communication with puppets that they animate at the same time, with amazing synchronization. The director did a tremendous job, and it shows. It can’t be conveyed in words – it has to be experienced!”

“Acting in its full glory. The show works great in this interesting space.”

“I have to admit, this show is something we’ve been longing for. And here it is! I can’t describe how thrilled I was. Relentless acting performance with impeccable direction and adaptation, for the modern person – particularly for young people!”

“Infinitely witty tragedy. It doesn’t burden you; it doesn’t overwhelm you with words you don’t understand; there are no long overemphasized scenes…it couldn’t be more dynamic! It’s short and full of surprises. They broke down prejudices. It’s close to us.”

“Both a simple and a complex show. The actors did not have an easy task at all.”

“Playful. Spirited. Witty. Masters of the craft, every one of them.”

“Oedipus the King” will return to ExportDrvo at 9 PM tonight, solving a riddle and the mysteries of identity.

To the delight of the audience, whose interest is extremely high, we will add a few more performances of the play in July. Stay tuned for upcoming performance dates!


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