19 June 2020

With tonight’s “Emperor Concerto”, The Rijeka Symphony Orchestra celebrated the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth by performing two of his fifth works: the Fifth Piano Concerto and the Fifth Symphony.

Thunderous applause erupted in the auditorium after the last bar of the “Symphony of Destiny,” Beethoven’s iconic Fifth. The audience was enchanted by so many famous melodies, and gave a standing ovation to maestro Alessandro Cadario and the orchestra, to which the Italian conductor responded with a direct address to the audience: “I am touched. After these three difficult months, tonight I feel so special here as if it were my first concert. It’s wonderful to be here with you and these exceptional musicians. Thank you.”

In the first part of the evening, our Rijeka pianist of international career, Goran Filipec, who has won a number of prestigious awards, exhibited his exceptional skill as a pianist in performing Beethoven’s extraordinarily challenging Fifth Concerto. Each of his performances in Rijeka is an extraordinary experience, and this time he once again left a deep impression with his virtuoso technique.

The next concert of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra, sponsored by INA, is scheduled for July 2 and 3, the symphony concert “From the New World.” The program will include two ninth symphonies: Mozart’s Ninth Symphony and, of course, “From the New World” by Dvořák.


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