3 July 2020

The symphony concert “From the New World”, featuring two ninth symphonies by Mozart and Dvořák thoroughly delighted the audience, who through extensive applause brought young, energetic maestro Valentin Egel back to the stage numerous times. Following a truly impressive performance by the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra, shouts of enthusiasm, “bravo!”, and unbridled energy echoed throughout the de luxe auditorium.

Mozart’s exuberant Ninth, as well as Dvořák’s inspiring, nostalgic, diverse and demanding “From the New World” Symphonies are works that recognize the exceptional skills of both the musicians and the conductor. That skill, along with the great joy of making music, spilled from the stage into the audience last night. In the short passages between the movements, whispers could be heard of, “Excellent,” “Beautiful,” and “I can’t believe that the maestro is only 26 years old. He is phenomenal…”

Spectators ranging from primary school children to those of more mature age were cheerfully swept up in the experience, and seemed as if they could hardly wait to share their impressions with us. Among those, in addition to those of regular and local audiences, we have the impressions shared by a young man from Vienna and a musical family of six from Boston:

“Aaaah, great! I normally love symphony music and come to concerts, but this was really dynamic and full of passion. It was a really nice experience. Over in an instant.”

“I will recommend everyone to come to concerts in the Rijeka Theatre. The maestro is very charismatic; he conducted with a lot of passion and energy.”

“Beautiful, touching! We sat in a place from which we could perfectly follow the conductor’s face and see his tremendous passion. Seeing the pleasure on the musicians’ faces was the perfect addition to our overall experience. I’m also thrilled with both the theatre building and Klimt, since I’m from Vienna.”

“Conducting without a score… it never ceases to fascinate me! A huge amount of learned notes, pauses, tempo…such knowledge is worth recognizing and rewarding.”

“An extraordinary concert. Too bad it’s over – I envy those who have tickets for the second concert. The Rijeka orchestra is constantly climbing the ladder of excellence. They are wonderful – no matter which conductor is leading, they are top-notch.”

“Beautiful theatre and a phenomenal concert! Magnificent! We would come again.”

“There are a lot of places in the movements of Dvořák’s Ninth that sound like a finale, strong and very dramatic. I could barely contain my applause.”

“What to say about a concert like this?! We are speechless. We want more. We come to concerts regularly and have two subscriptions.”

Tonight another “From the New World” concert will follow, and on July 15 a new symphony concert, “BECOME RIVER” with works by John Luther Adams and Dmitry Shostakovich, will be held at the Square of Rijeka Resolution (Trg Riječke rezolucije), conducted by maestro Ville Matvejeff.


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