Set design:
Costume design:
Lighting design:
Sintja Lacman
Stage manager:

Premiere: 19.12.2020.

In collaboration with the City Youth Theatre Split

The Adriatic Sea is our common sea, the one that unites and divides us. This fun show for families will lead you to discover the secrets of our sea through a crime plot: “There is a story…a story that must be told at all costs!”

Three oceanographers, their instruments affected by interference, decide to dive in and uncover the secret. At the bottom of the sea they find a huge chest containing an unimaginable treasure. To save themselves, our oceanographers must complete a very difficult task: to tell the greatest story of all. Together with Captain Giovanni, the Chatty Mediterranean Seal, the Cuttlefish Prdica and many other inhabitants of the sea, we will travel on a wave of imagination. With amazing projections and witty characters, you will immerse yourself in a show full of adrenaline and fun. Will our friends win the desired treasure…?


The show lasts approximately 50 minutes, and is performed without an intermission.


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