Jules Verne

After the translation by:
Maje Ožegović
Author of adaptation and dramaturge:
Set designer:
Puppets and models:
Costume design:
Video design:
Lighting design:
Tomaž Štrucl
Assistant director:
Edo Kalebić
Phileas Fogg: Jurica Marčec
Jean Passepartout: Jerko Marčić
Detective Fix: Anastazija Balaž
Aouda, Thomas Flanagan, Indian: Nika Ivančić
Andrew Stuart , Sir Francis Cromarty, Judge, Proctor, Henrietta: Sabina Salamon / Jelena Lopatić
Gauthier Ralph, conducter, policeman, typist, Andrew Speedy, Passepartout`s mother: Nikola Nedić
Stage manager:
Gregor Bogdanović

Premiere: 11 February 2017

It is in the year 1873 that Jules Verne writes Around the World in Eighty Days, one of the best travel novels ever. The bet made by a mysterious and quiet English gentleman Phileas Fogg with his colleagues from the Reform Club will completely change the life of Mr Fogg and his butler Passepartout. In only 80 days will they attempt to go around the world, in only 80 days will they seek to become acquainted with the world, thus also all of its diversity of culture and customs. The novel Around the World in 80 Days invites you to an adventure, to a broadening of the mind. Phileas Fogg and his devoted companion Passepartout will be taking you to the farthest parts of the world and convince that impossible may still be possible. Around the World in Eighty Days is not just an idyll in prose on the diversity of cultures; both the novel and the production take us to a seemingly far and long-ago-overcome time of colonialism, where, as Passapartout notices, all the towns begin to look alike.

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