Artificial Intelligence Trilogy

Original work by Giuseppe Nicodemo
Idea and text:
Set and costume design:
Choice of music:
Lighting design:
Sound design:
Zia / Miss Alida: Leonora Surian Popov
Artificial Intelligence Alex: Giuseppe Nicodemo
Artificial Intelligence Alexia: Serena Ferraiuolo
Stefania Laganini (offstage voice): Serena Ferraiuolo
Park Jae Sang (offstage voice): Gun Gil Gim
Stage manager:

Premiere: 25 February 2022

Coproduction with the Miela Theatre in Trieste

Part Three of the Artificial Intelligence Trilogy


Giuseppe Nicodemo wonders what would happen if an artificial intelligence received a body and enjoyed a wellness center on the peaceful island of Dokdo, a disputed territory between Korea and Japan?

In this fun comedy we will examine what artificial intelligence really is and what exactly makes someone a human being.

In the play we encounter three characters:

Leonora Surian Popov plays a dietician who currently works as a cleaner in a wellness center on the island of Dokdo and who of course loves to sing and make delicious and healthy juices from cucumbers and ginger;

Serena Ferraiuolo plays the cold and rational Alexia, Stefania Laganini’s A.I. who, like her, loves to drink cocktails and listen to strange songs;

Giuseppe Nicodemo plays the sad Alex, who already worked as an artificial intelligence for Leo. He had to change users after confronting Leo over love problems, so he now works for Mr. Park from Korea.

With smiles on their faces, these sympathetic characters will try to understand what the true values of life are, what it means to have a conscience and what beauty lies in human uncertainty through quarrels, Korean songs and thermal treatments.

Artificial Intelligence in the Wellness Center is the third installment of the Artificial Intelligence Trilogy created by Giuseppe Nicodemo. In the first part, The Bonsai Has Short Twigs, and in the second, The Rider, the Grandma and the A.I., the audience enjoys watching how a person communicates with artificial intelligence to solve their problems. However, by revealing in the wellness center that even artificial intelligence does not have all the solutions to our problems, we realize that the beauty of human life comes in living with our doubts and love problems. Maybe precisely these problems and uncertainties are our strength.



The play will be performed in Italian with Croatian surtitles.


The show lasts approximately one hour and is performed without an intermission.

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