Ingmar Bergman

Željko Takač
Set designer:
Costume design:
Momirka Bailović
Lighting design:
Assistant costume designer:
Tin Vlainić
Assistent set designer:
Paola Lugarić
Charlotte: Mira Furlan
Viktor: Leon Lučev
Sebastian Macan
Stage manager:

Mira Furlan in the main role of mother showed all that we used appreciate when she still was the leading actress of the Zagreb CNT Zagreb Drama Company: intensive inner living through the character, high concentration on the speech, gestures and the tragic quality of the drama that she bears. (…)

Bojan Munjin, Novosti

The Rijeka staging of Autumn Sonata is also characterised by actors’ excellent performances, Mira Furlan as Charlotte is brilliant as a smug famous pianist who boasts of her professional and love ventures, clothes and luxurious life, but also as a mother who despises her own daughter and brings her to the verge of despair. Marija Tadić successfully embodies both a resigned and nimble Eva, torn between the past and the present, her wishes and realistic opportunities. On the one hand she is timid, unhappy and reserved, while on the other she can be passionate when she attacks the mother or when she speaks of the most difficult traumas that she experienced because of the mother, who with she did not live. Jelena Lopatić is great as usual in her role, playing the sick Helen reduced to the primary stimuli and elementary emotions. For Helen it is sufficient to be hugged, touched and given attention in order to feel secure and loved. Leon Lučev in the role of Victor is a passive observer, almost a narrator. He is only in theory a man who is inside the action, functioning more as an outer eye that is trying to observe the action objectively and not to become involved in the questionable matter of guilt.

Anja Nežić, Kazališ

Running time:
The performance lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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