Ingmar Bergman

Željko Takač
Josip Maršić
Set designer:
Costume design:
Momirka Bailović
Lighting design:
Assistant to director:
Alisa Debelić
Assistant costume designer:
Tin Vlainić
Assistent set designer:
Paola Lugarić
Charlotte: Mira Furlan
Viktor: Leon Lučev
Sebastian Macan
Stage manager:

Premiere: 12 January 2017

Ingmar Bergman, a master in portraying complex and irrevocably intricate human relationships, writes the Autumn Sonata in 1978, concentrating on the character of Charlotte, a famous pianist, who, shaken by the death of her husband, returns to her family house after years of absence. Just as in the years back, awaiting her are the daughters Eva and Helena, who still bear the effects of the lack of mother’s love. At one time, uncertain of whether to give priority to family or artistic career, Charlotte chose the pianist career on concert stages worldwide. The daughters are trying to win their mother’s attention again, hoping that long impaired relations can be restored. However, Charlotte’s return will bestir a whole range of never-to-be-forgotten resentments and unspoken accusations, unveiling the trauma of the family that has been irreversibly lost in mutual accusations. Reconsidering decisions made a long time ago, Bergman does not ask whether they are good or bad, but if we are capable of bearing their consequences, also, when we choose our own freedom and to be true to our own self what are the effects of this choice on others, especially the closest ones. It was Ingrid Bergman who played the role of Charlotte in the famous film by Ingmar Bergman, while in our staging of Autumn Sonata it will be Mira Furlan.

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