Maurice Ravel

Assistant choreographer:
Pierre Magendie
Costume design:
Lighting design:
Ballet master:

Foniadakis’s Bolero to the music of the most famous of all boleros, that of Maurice Ravel, was premiered on November 2018 as part of the ballet project 4 Boleros, as a pre-programme of Rijeka 2020, the European Capital of Culture. Since then, Bolero has been delighting both audiences and critics. The Rijeka Ballet has been performing it for several consecutive seasons at almost all guest appearances, dance and gala festivals nationally and internationally. Foniadakis managed to transfer the repetitiveness of the rhythm to the trampolines, and precisely because of this, the five performers have a very demanding and difficult task of performing in the given rhythm, i.e. perfectly synchronised jumping and dancing on a small trampoline. Bolero belongs to the canonical musical works of the 20th century, which is why it has been a challenge for all generations of choreographers to enter into a dialogue with it. It is impossible to ignore the history in which bolero influenced and shaped the dance-choreographic language, and each new generation is constructing, in its own time and context, a different view and different meaning of the same.


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