Edmond Rostand

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Coproduction with the Poco Loco Theatre and in collaboration with the Kamov Youth Theatre of Rijeka


The Latin American adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac, a famous play by the French writer Edmond Rostand written in verse, is being co-produced with the Poco Loco Theatre in Zagreb. The curse of unrequited love described in the play, set in the present day, will be taken a step further in our adaptation, in which the tragic love story becomes a story of an unaccepted, different love – love between two girls. The play is intended for those of high school age, but is recommended for the whole family. Guillermo Baldo wrote the text Both Cyrano and a Girl, with which he won the Grand Prix at the National Drama Text Competition for Children’s Theatre, organized by the Argentine Theatre Institute.



Recognized by the National Institute of Theatre in Argentina in the 21st National Contest of Plays for the Young (2018)

BEST DRAMATURGY AWARD – Provincial Theater Awards (Córdoba, Argentina. 2021).

BEST PLAY FOR CHILDREN AWARD – Provincial Theater Awards (Córdoba, Argentina. 2021).

Nomination for BEST ACTRESS, BEST SCENOGRAPHY AND BEST LIGHTING – Provincial Theater Awards (Córdoba, Argentina. 2021).

Selected play in the Fiesta Provincial de Teatro de Córdoba 2021 to represent the province at the Fiesta Nacional de Teatro INT 2021 (Argentina).

Thisplaywaspublishedby CELCIT (Centro Latinoamericano de Creación e Investigación Teatral) 2020.

This play was published by the INT. 2019.

This play is supported by Instituto Nacional delTeatro of Argentina.


The performance lasts about 55 minutes and does not include an intermission.

Jela, who isn’t a little child anymore, goes back in time.

To tell us about a girl who is a girl and sometimes a boy.

A girl that, for love, becomes Cyrano.

Love isn’t blind. It is fickle.

It has words, songs, strange ways…

Sometimes, it arrives together with the new girl next door.

Jela, who isn’t a little girl anymore, goes back in time to tell us about a girl who sometimes is a girl and sometimes is a boy.

A girl who answers her best friend’s love letters signing as a boy.

Together they build a trench, a refuge.

They exchange more and more letters and words of love,

as the girl is lead to find new emotions that she can’t

either classify or understand.

The girl is in love.

A piece of news changes the course of life…

And if truth will out,

love and the urge of desire will hurry it up.

Is it possible to understand love at some age?

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