Water is a source of life, yet also s destructive force. We all utilise it for survival, many redirect its flows in attempts to master it for food-producing purposes, some exploit it to benefit financially – yet no one can truly control it. Water is striking in its duality, excruciatingly beautiful in its contrasts: if we loose ourselves to it, water becomes an element which can relax and tranquillise us completely. Yet, with an equivalent ease, its cataclysmic waves can devastate and wipe out all that is known to us.

In his choreography, Foniadakis focuses on the contrasting nature of water; he explores reactions and adaptations of human body to the presence of water without forgetting its emotional and metaphysical influence on human soul. Thus alongside the physical aspects of interactions between human body and water, Foniadakis also investigates the metaphorical feature which enables us to use water as a reference point for illustrating human characters and life situations. A flowing water can symbolise a challenge, vitality, victory or change…, thereupon emerges a point of fusion and unification between a human and the water in, both, conceptual and physical sense. From this point, one can take a fresh perspective upon the reality where each human is as fragile as a drop of water, yet when acting together, in unison, for a good cause, there is no obstacle humanity can not overcome, no virus to simply succumb to, no injustice we can not ameliorate.


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