Fabrizio Sinisi

Set design and video projections:
Lighting design:
Ivan Bauk
Assistants to the director:
Elena Cotugno / Valerio Tambone
Aelis, Ermione: Ivna Bruck
Olga Ossani: Rosanna Bubola
Gabriele D`Annunzio: Fabrizio Coniglio
Eleonora Duse: Elena Cotugno
Scarfoglio, un colonnello fiumano: Giuseppe Nicodemo
Treves/Cosulich: Anton Plešić
Una donna croata: Sabina Salamon
Tom Antongini: Mirko Soldano
Barbara Leoni, Signora Cosulich, Luisa Baccara: Leonora Surian Popov
Mussolini: Valerio Tambone
Stage manager:
Eugenia Medić / Petra Šegić

Premiere: 17 March 2017

D’Annunzio is “a man in whom taste and mentality, the glory and the squalor of the Italian character were summarised” (Piero Chiara). Cabaret D’Annunzio ironically reproduces this unbelievable life élan and prophetic power of someone who was not only a writer and poet of exceptional contemporaneity, but also a politician, military strategist and relentless experimenter of various expression techniques. However, above all, D’Annunzio was an excellent communicator, he was the first to understand the value of communication strategies and he adopted and managed the media with ease. Cabaret D’Annunzio belongs to the theatrical genre that connects the Italian commedia brillante and a kind of a variety avanspettacolo with Brechtian theatre; merges music and prose, poetry and biopic, didactic drama and musical, action and narration, in a grand and impossible endeavour that is always the distinctive feature of the theatre, namely, to change the course and understanding of history.

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