Fabrizio Sinisi

Musical comedy
Set design and video projections:
Lighting design:
Ivan Bauk
Assistants to director:
Elena Cotugno / Valerio Tambone
Stage manager:
Eugenia Medić / Petra Šegić

Co-production with Teatro dei Borgia

As this is a character that is hard and risky to render on stage, this production deserved applause. D’Annunzio’s life is presented in segments of pictures through Cabaret D’Annunzio (text by the young and prolific Fabrizio Sinisi, serious and scholarly), an expedient to make this mammoth of a man lighter.
(…) D’Annunzio is a reckless avant-garde, punk futurism, his writings cerebral priapism, he is a warrior of Wagnerian Valkyrie.
(…) As it is impossible to make his portrait, Borgia effectively and provocatively created a hard orgiastic and bulimic plot, without limiting himself to the peel he bit the very juicy pulp.

Tommaso Chimenti,

Borgia’s D’Annunzio is a hard character who used people around him all of his life, first devouring them to cast them off. He raced through life at hundred mph and although most of his projects failed, he managed to present all of them as great successes. It is in this part, while showing the controversial poet from Pescara as unscrupulous media manipulator that this performance is at its best.

Edi Jurković, Jutarnji list

Running time:
The performance lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes including one interval.

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