Choreography: Vitalij Klok
Performers: Hélias Tur-Durvault, Marta Voinea Čavrak, Laura Orlić, Cristina Lukanec
Music: Hrvoje Puškarić
Music performed by: Hrvoje Puškarić – piano, Toni Kranjac – clarinet
Text read by: Sendi Bakotić
Video projection: Julija Kožul

Choreography: Hélias Tur-Durvault
Performers: Maria del Mar Hernandez, Ricardo Campos Freire
Music: Palmen aus Leder (Jan Jelinek, album: Tierbeobachtungen), Black for the back, One simple light cue
Description: This is a small step, a search for simplicity. An accumulation of abstract evidence, a dialogue with the space, between, around, beneath the skin, inside and out of reality. A common story of an unknown present time.

Choreography: Michele Pastorini
Performers: Ricardo Campos Freire, Marta Voinea Čavrak, Nika Lilek, Maria del Mar Hernandez, Tea Rušin, Laura Orlić, Hélias Tur-Durvault
Music: Passed over trail (Raime), Unanswered questions pour flute (Tristan Murail), Prismatic Error (Porter Ricks), Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller), Volatile (Machine Head)
Description: What would it be like if we no longer had sensations, feelings, if we could not hear or see… We are just listening and watching unable to enjoy any real feelings; always in a hurry and under the stress, moving so fast, yet we are actually stuck, standing in one place and empty. We shouldn’t forget to touch all the real aspects of life, instead of thousands of masks that we daily wear, we should touch everything, each skin that we meet; this being a real gift.
After years of evolution, we are stuck in the empty future and faraway from the past that does not belong to us… It could be that the last hope is found in the time present… Life smells of beautiful things, the truth is here, we are always a step away, forgetting who we are… Let us take a step backwards, or a thousand of them, if necessary, let us go back to the foundations, be the foundation.

Choreography: Ricardo Campos Freire
Performer: Martin Grđan
Music: Luke-Howard (edited by Ricardo Campos Freire)
Description: How well we communicate is not determined by how well we speak but how well others understand us.

Choreography: Maria del Mar Hernandez
Performer: Maria del Mar Hernandez
Description: My part is not a part. It connects other parts so that there is no place for the beginning and the end, for the applause or the bow. It is divided into different parts, as I believe that all happens without our knowledge, without the control of time or the definition of the space. All is not here and not now, it just is.
Where do I finish and where do you begin? What is it that connects us, what does not? Since when are we not together? Since when are we not the same? Why do we feel love or fear? Is there an answer? Just keep on walking…

Dance workshop 50+
The dance workshop for citizens, older than 50, both female and male, will be lead by Oksana Brandiboura Kožul, soloist of the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc Ballet. The workshop will take place in the HKD (Croatian Cultural Centre) in Sušak on 3rd, 4th and 5th April from 17 to 18 hours. Dancing experience is not necessary if you wish to participate.

Dance workshop for children aged 8 – 12 years
Vitalij Klok, ballet soloist and ballet master and pedagogue of the contemporary dance ensemble will lead this workshop. The workshop will take place in the HKD (Croatian Cultural Centre) in Sušak on 3rd, 4th and 5th of April from 14 to 15 hours.
We invite children who have danced already, but also the children who would like to become acquainted with the art of dancing.

Contemporary dance workshop for passionate dancers
A workshop for those who are not beginners in dancing, interested in the work and ideas of younger members of the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc Ballet ensemble will be lead by Michele Pastorini, Ricardo Campos Freire, Helias Tur Dorvault and Maria del Mar Hernandez. The workshops will be held on 3rd, 4th and 5th April from 15:30 to 16:30 hours.

All workshops are free for participants. It is necessary to apply at:
Applications accepted until Saturday 31st March 2018.
The number of participants is limited!