Stanisław Witkiewicz

Costume design:
Ana Mikulić
Lighting design:
Marino Frankola
Dina Ekštajn / Ana Mrak / Martina Tomić / Ida Jolić
Nina Đurđević

The performance is for everybody, from the age of 5 to 105!

Stanisław Witkiewicz wrote a short drama piece called Cockroaches when he was eight years old, inspired by Shakespear’s opus which he had just read. In it, through four scenes located on less then two pages of text, he achieves comic absurdity of child’s view of the world, but also grotesqueness comparable with later works of Ionesco and Harms. In that little drama piece, from the very beginning, there is a presence of the spirit of catastrophism, which has, in the pastfew years pandemically conquered our whole planet. Something undefined, big and grey is approaching a happy kingdom and endangers its existence and its habitants alternately pass through different emotions, not knowing how to react.

The new performance of Studio Contemporary Dance Company brings robots, science fiction and aestetics of video games on stage, all of it inspired by contemporary dance expression. The intention of the authors is to make a performance for children, which is adapted to this time and space, a performance which children can recognize as their own and in which adults can get a chance to peek into hidden corners of children’s imagination.


The show lasts 30 minutes.

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