Ivan Matetić Ronjgov

Riječki operni zbor / RKZ „Val” / PZM „Josip Kaplan” / MVA „Kanat” / ženski zbor KUD „Učka”

15th June 2020 (Delayed due to pandemic)

Chorus evening marking the anniversary of 140 years of birth and 60 years of death of I. M. Ronjgov

This chorus concert is the greatest homage dedication to Ivan Matetić Ronjgov that the Rijeka Theatre has paid so far to this outstanding composer, user of the melograph and a music pedagogue. Matetić’s composing opus ranks him among the most eminent composers of chorus literature in Croatia and wider. On this occasion, the Rijeka Theatre will gather best choruses and vocal ensembles from Rijeka and the surrounding area that will perform many of Matetić’s works that the Rijeka audience has not had the opportunity to listen to for over 30 years. Taking part at the concert, there will be the Chorus of CNT Ivan pl. Zajc, Chorus of the Croatian Radio and Television, Val Rijeka Chamber Chorus, Kaplan Young People’s Chorus, I. M. Ronjgov Music School Mixed Chorus, Kanat Mixed Vocal Ensemble and others.