Premiere Don Carlo
Giuseppe Verdi

Set and light design:
Costume design:
Language adviser:
Assistant director:
Tim Ribič
Assistant set designer:
Filip II: Luka Ortar
Veliki inkvizitor: Giorgio Surian / Slavko Sekulić
Karlo V / Stari redovnik: Slavko Sekulić
Elizabeta de Valois: Anamarija Knego / Rebeka Lokar
Grof od Lerme: Sergej Kiselev
CNT Rijeka Ballet Company:
Ballet master:
Chorus master:
Riječki operni zbor
Riječki simfonijski orkestar
Stage managers:

Premijera: 21. travnja 2023.

Co-production of the Croatian National Opera Theater Ivana pl. Zajc and the Opera of Slovene National Theatre Maribor


The famous Verdi’s “Don Carlo”, a multi-layered opera that blends historical fact, drama and human passion into a masterpiece is our invitation to the unforgettable musical and theatrical experience.

Grand vocalists will give life to the six most prominent characters, compelling dramatic foundation and development, based on powerful scenes and demanding arias in accordance with psychologically shaped musical drama.

The spark of inspiration Verdi found in Friedrich von Schiller’s play of the same name, based on the historical background of conflicting and competing relationships, moral obligations and unfulfilled political ideals.

The story is set in 16th-century Spain, during the time of the Inquisition, when the line between secular and ecclesiastical power was clear, and personal aspirations and intimate desires suppressed and sacrificed for the greater good.

The Opera at its core brings a romantic dilemma: the son of King Philip II falls in love with Elizabeth of Valois and yet has to discover that she is married to his father, due to ensuring a peace pact.

As one of the Verdi’s most complex works, the great historical opera “Don Carlo” emphasizes human dignity, brotherhood and personal freedom during the Enlightenment.


A mind blowing, deep and exciting opera by Verdi,
a timeless classic!


“Don Carlo”, one of the best operas of the favorite
Giuseppe Verdi’s impressive spectacle led by
top soloists performing in Berlin,
Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Salzburg, Milan, Ljubljana…


The opera lasts three hours and forty minutes, with an intermission after the second act.


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