Mila Čuljak

Director and choreographer:
Music author:
Adam Semijalac
Costume and set design:
Mejra Mujičić
Lighting design:
Performed by:
Stage manager:
Karlo Čargonja
Graphic design:
Dobriša Radovanović

Coproduction: Co-authorship Initiative OOUR and Croatian Drama of Ivan pl. Zajc CNT

The author Mila Čuljak fully and unsparingly reveals to the public her darkest and also most tender emotional journey, in which the child she had is a fighting Bruce Lee and a Viking, also a slant-eyed Tartar, but always a guiding star of her inexhaustible intimacy not only with the illness but also a special awareness she comes to know through the child’s growing up. Thus, Down syndrome becomes a kind of a fantastic gift, and not a burden.
This is also the production upon the end of which the boundaries between a healthy and sick body are efficiently cancelled, as well as the boundaries between the indifferent and committed social behaviour. We are all involved, each of us in her or his way to be at the side of Boris.

Nataša Govedić, Novi list