Igor Stravinsky

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For the opening gala of the 2010 Dutch Dance Days, Goecke created a short pas de deux to music from Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird, which premiered in 1910. What was then entirely in the character of the Russian fairy tale, the fight of the Tsarevich Ivan against the magician Kastschej to free the captive Zarewna and her playmates, Goecke reshapes into the encounter of two shy beings. As music he uses the lullaby with which the mythical firebird lulls the sorcerer and his company to sleep, and adds the triumphant finale. His duet can also be interpreted as a meeting of firebird and prince, two beings of different natures: a bird that dances and a human that flies. At a 2015 gala in Dortmund, Marco Goecke had two men dance it for the first time. In Rijeka version of Goecke Fire bird the audience will be seeing both paring possibilities.


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