Educational concerts with guided and active listening

When we talk about Beethoven’s opus, especially about the symphonies, it is easy to see that each of them, although distinctly Beethoven’s, is also distinctly “its own.” The widest audiences are certainly familiar with some of the motifs from the Fifth Symphony, the finale of the Ninth Symphony, the funeral march from the Third, and more.

The Sixth Symphony in F Major, Pastoral, is “its own” in that it is programmatically designed, that is, that in a sense it tries to describe some content beyond the music. In general, the problem of the programmatic nature of music and its ability or inability to successfully describe something beyond itself is one of the fundamental aesthetic issues of Romanticism.

The educational concert of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra was designed with the aim of bringing the seemingly distant world of artistic music nearer to a younger audience, using guided and active listening to offer the key to understanding the message that music very often carries, because music (especially Beethoven’s) is so much more than just beautiful harmony.

Stjepan Vuger



Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827): Sixth Symphony in F Major “Pastoral”

I. Awakening of cheerful feelings on arrival in the countrysideAllegro ma non troppo

IV. Thunder, stormAllegro

V. Shepherd’s song. Cheerful and thankful feelings after the stormAllegretto


Concert duration: 45 minutes

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