Andrew Lloyd Webber - Tim Rice

Co-production: CNT Ivan pl. Zajc and Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb

Following the hit Sunset Boulevard, all the creative forces of the Rijeka Theatre are staging the musical Evita for the first time in Croatia. In the role of Evita there will be the excellent Leonora Surian Popov and Elena Brumini, the direction by the Argentinian Renata Carola Gatica, and the musical under the baton and in the translation of Maestro Igor Vlajnić.

After forty years of exceptionally successful staging in the West End and on Broadway, more than twenty awards, translations in fourteen languages, the film with Madonna in the title role, Evita is the show you do not want to miss. This musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber brings on stage the life story of the most important woman of the Latin American history, that of Evita Perón, following her life from her youth, coming to power, charity work, all until her death. Born in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, it was quite early in her life that Evita Perón recognised the injustice in her social environment so that she co-operated with trade unions, fought for women’s rights, founded the Foundation that helped the poor having built thousands of homes and schools throughout Argentina and secured health service for the poorest. Although she is also associated with numerous controversies, Evita Perón has been remembered as a politician with an exceptional charisma and a star status so that her life is a perfect inspiration for a great story turned into a musical.

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