Costume design:
Lighting design:
Sound design:
Ballet master:
Animations, video projections and set elements:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed by:
Balet HNK-a Ivana pl. Zajca

Premiere: 26 Jan 2018

Although it is one of the best known and most favourite European fairy tales, the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel has not lost on its actuality but has remained just as contemporary today as it was when it came into being. Hansel and Gretel are the most famous brother and sister who have fascinated children for ages, transmitting through their story significant messages of life, questioning all over again the relationship between parents and children, poverty and wealth, cruelty and benevolence. What does it mean to be a good parent if children suffer poverty and hunger; is it possible that sometimes one has to be cruel to be benevolent; is it possible to survive by combining goodness, wisdom and inventiveness; how to forgive parents; can this forgiveness be a pre-condition for a contented life…?
This fairy tale gives to the ballet ensemble and the American choreographer Gina a whole range of neoclassical performing interpretations, which, according to their nature, call for the use of classical ballet technique. Thus, the female part of the ensemble will dance in pointe shoes, while using the neoclassical technique dancers will continue to develop the ability to cover a wide spectrum of repertoire (from contemporary to neoclassical).
Using video projections and imaginative costumes, we will try to create a ballet phantasy (the so-called “phantasy ballet”) that will visually and by its multi-layers be attractive for ballet lovers of all generations.

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