It is also with their new production that the Rijeka ensemble has affirmed itself as an excellent, energetic and impressive contemporary company that dances with a joint passion and apparent individual personal attitude; moving in a challenging, clear, fast, highly elaborated technique of a nuanced effort, and communicating and crossing the forestage with this powerfully launched and taut corporeal media. At the moment, this is a unique ensemble (eight female and eight male dancers performed) on the Croatian stage that presents the mainstream of the European tradition of contemporary dance theatre.

Maja Đurinović, Plesna scena.hr

We do not usually think of ballet as an art dealing with some actual social and political issues, having more of an aesthetic dimension at the forefront. The premiered contemporary ballet Hero is Tired, created in the co-production of the Rijeka CNT Ballet ensemble and the Music Biennale Zagreb, has shown that with the ballet movement it is possible to speak of some aspects of today’s society and convey a powerful message to the audience, retaining the aesthetic quality.
Kim Cuculić, Novi list

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