Igor Stravinsky

Pascal Rophé
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Balet HNK-a Ivana pl. Zajca
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Today the awareness of nature and its survival, and thus the survival of the human species itself, has taken on an equally important role in social life as politics, faith, economics and other social systems. It is precisely this thought that, in the face of global and local elemental crises, led us to a new way of experiencing and listening to Igor Stravinsky’s canonical work The Rite of Spring. Even today, after more than a hundred years, it exudes freshness and excites and inspires as only nature can with its beauty.

Although in Stravinsky and Nijinsky’s ballet the sacrifice is described as a young female person (the “other,” the “weaker,” but more fertile being), offered by a strict patriarchal system to “satisfy” the Earth, today this young woman has been replaced by a new victim – the Earth itself. We can say that today our Earth has become a victim of people in the same social structure that controls, exploits, pollutes and controls everything that surrounds it.

The ballet, choreographed by Maša Kolar and inspired by the nature of the faunal world, presents a gallery of scenes in which animalistic vocabulary, in play with a series of interwoven gentle melodies, energetic sections and unexpected compulsive rhythms of the score, frees a new path to experience Igor Stravinsky’s composition – as those who celebrate life. The choreography evokes the living natural world as a unique and spectacular wonder that shines exclusively in the diversity and richness of individuals, connected by mutual support and sustenance.

We have decided not to strive for the intellectual and philosophical. We have opted for something that excites us, something that celebrates life and the synergy of nature and man, the individual and society.

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