Set design:
Costume designer:
Lighting design:
Assistent of scenography and costumes:
Iva Katalinić
Assistant director:
Petar Đula Vrbanić / Marianna Novielli
Mirko Soldano / Luka Babić / Lucio Slama / Giuseppe Nicodemo / Anton Plešić / Sabina Salamon / Ivna Bruck / Serena Ferraiuolo / Klara Cota / Nika Miculinić / Ilina Lukić / Petra Polić / Leon Kreso / Tarik Žižak / Klara Cota / Aurora Galović / Bella Antonić / Niko Bazzara / Đenka Zekan / Franka Zekan / Patrik Poljak / Doris Marohnić / Jan Markiš / Lara Humski / Karla Šoštarić / Matea Blažević / Serena Ferraiuolo
Stage manager:

It is not easy to retell the story that everyone knows, the story that does not know the age limit, the story you were told and that you tell, the story of the Little Prince. There is no child or a grown-up who does not consider the Little Prince to be a real philosophical gem, always reminding us that nothing is as it seems to be. In co-operation with the Italian drama and the Rijeka Youth Theatre Kamov, and in the direction of Renata Carola Gatica, author experienced in the theatre for children and the young, The Croatian Drama is realizing the production worthy of the favourite book of all generation, making thus happy both the grown-ups and children. Staging the Little Prince we are beginning our journey full of unusual questions, inviting you to join us in the quest of answers.