Georg Friedrich Händel

Conductor and harpsichordist:
Benjamin Bayl
Giulio Cesare: Diana Haller
Cleopatra: Anamarija Knego
Tolomeo: Sonja Runje
Achilla: Luka Ortar
Ballet solo:
Women\'s ballet:
Men\'s ballet:
Set design:
Costume design:
Lighting design:
Choreography and stage movement:
Assistant to director:
Language preparation:
Riječki simfonijski orkestar
Riječki operni zbor
Ballet masters:
Stage managers:

Libretto: Giacomo Francesco Bussani, Nicola Francesco Haym

In the first act, the scene is enriched with interesting details; each soloist had a screen behind them showing their face, so the emotional experience recorded by the camera in the moment of performance could be seen in close-up. The scene is enriched with parts of props from previously performed operas, and the departure from the tragedy is especially noticeable in the small comic relationships between the protagonists, who sometimes caricature the magnitude of power and suffering, but also of love and revenge.

But what definitely won over the audience again, leading them to applaud before the open stage, was the beautiful, rich, baroque Händel music and the brilliant soloists who perfectly mastered the vocal feats with the multitude of stage-acting demands of the director. Virtuosically sung by Diana Haller, the melodious Anamarija Knego, the melodic Michaela Selinger, the dark and emotional Dubravka Šeparović Mušović and the strong and pure Sonja Runje, and an excellent set of male soloists, Dario Bercich, Marko Fortunato and Ivan Šimatović, the show provided the audience with immeasurable musical pleasure complemented by an excellent orchestra.
Gloria Fabijanić Jelović, HRT Radio Rijeka


Special thanks to the Varaždin Concert Office for use of the harpsichord.


The performance lasts 4 hours and 15 minutes and is performed with two intermissions.


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