We are bringing the omnibus Real Comedy on the stage of “Zajc” as the answer to the requests of the audience and the critics to finally have a ”real comedy” at the Rijeka Theatre. Born as a reaction to the claim of the Novi list daily Culture editorial board that the Theatre lacks “real comedies”, with the help of ten theatre authors, this production will provide the answer to the question what the “real comedy” is. For our collaborators this is an exciting challenge because it is quite hard to determine what the “real comedy” would be as the laughter eludes any attempt of control, definition, norm or any kind of rightness. Historically, comedy does not aspire to moral sublimity, gods and eminent protagonists. As Aristotle says, it encourages disagreeable and agreeable feelings, compassion, apprehension and joy, which leads to catharsis. Comedy arises right there where it abandons the idea of what is comic. This is why, making both us and our audience happy, the greatest masters of the comedy will undertake this lucid task. In the 10-minute time limit, each of them will offer the answer to the question that has no answers, and, we hope, make you cry of laughter.

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