Daša Drndić

The fact that Daša Drndić didn’t watch the production made after her novel Leica Format warns us uncomfortably of missed opportunities regarding the author who has been translated in fifteen languages and awarded with international recognitions while she lived in our city.

Writing about the city from the «outside» and the «inside», the writer ransacks something that can be called mentality: which language do the inhabitants of Rijeka speak, how much intimacy with others do they allow and why not, who is actually the authentic citizen of Rijeka and since what time does this count, also who exactly are those who bear the feeling of not belonging to the city… Did we recognize in ourselves the comicality, sadness, hostility and aggression we transmit while walking down the Korzo promenade?

Leica Format made us face everyday violence that we are trying to justify and call by some other names. Daša Drndić is unsparingly admonishing us and our role and responsibility in the society, in the city and the state, in Europe and worldwide.


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